Your Whistler Storage Rental

If you live in or near Whistler and you're looking at your storage rental options, you may be thinking it's best to go with Whistler storage units. Located so very close to Whistler and offering more affordable solutions, there are many reasons why Walsh Storage in Pemberton is a better choice than a Whistler storage facility.


We created our storage unit not just for those who live in Pemberton but also Whistler residents who want to spend less on a quality storage rental. We have a wide selection of storage units to choose from that are at least on par, and often better than, Whistler storage lockers. Plus, all of our storage units are available at lower prices than you’ll find in Whistler.


We are located just off Highway 99. The road to Walsh Storage is excellent — a smooth, new highway offering a comfortable journey. With easy access all year round, you’ll never have a problem reaching your storage units, even in the height of winter.

Walsh Storage is situated in Pemberton Industrial Park, the best spot in town. Unlike many Whistler storage rental facilities, we are on high ground, meaning there is no risk of flood damage to your possessions.


Many long-established storage rental facilities feature a number of storage units crammed into a small space. Walsh Storage is a new company, designed to meet modern needs. It has wide, open-crescent positioning to give truck drivers the space they need to enter, unload, and load items. There is enough room to fit multiple vehicles of any size at any time.

Unlike many options for storage rental, when you choose Walsh Storage, you’ll find that you only need to walk a minimal distance from your vehicle to your storage unit. This is far more convenient than a place in Whistler with a poor layout.


Every client at Walsh Storage is guaranteed new, clean storage units. You can also pick exactly what size suits your needs the best.

The quality we offer extends beyond the storage rental itself — we also provide high quality service. For instance, we can offer support and tips on how to store different types of items correctly to prevent damage, what kinds of items are best to not put in storage, and what possessions are likely covered by your insurance policy.

We already have many clients from Whistler at Walsh Storage who were unsatisfied by what Whistler storage facilities had to offer. Some have used our storage units for just a few days, others for several months, and other clients use our solutions indefinitely (such as when they have no room for some possessions in their homes but don’t feel ready to part with them).

Whatever your timeframe, whatever your needs, you will benefit from choosing Walsh Storage in Pemberton. Call us for more information: 1.604.905.8094