Storage Containers

Storage Containers for Rent

Walsh Storage offers convenient, safe, and secure storage containers for rent in Pemberton, near Whistler, British Columbia. Our affordable storage containers are available to rent by the month, and available in a variety of sizes.

Whether you're looking for a place that offers well-priced small storage containers or large storage containers, our facility is equipped to satisfy your needs. With a range of options, including 8X10 units that feature high and wide roll-up doors, Walsh Storage is ready and able to store virtually all types of goods. Choose a storage container that offers the right amount of space for a price that suits your budget.

Size Price
8'x5' $50/month + tax
8'x10' $100/month + tax
8'x15' $150/month + tax
8'x20' $160/month + tax

The Ultimate in Convenience

In addition to storage containers in a range of sizes, we believe in providing our customers with convenient access to their units. Access your storage containers any time you wish, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. There's no appointment required to access your units.

Our brand-new storage containers are just the thing if you want to keep your items clean and in pristine condition. It's our guarantee that you will be the first to store items in your storage unit.

Walsh Storage is also well-designed for loading and unloading trucks. Our storage containers are positioned along an open crescent, providing plenty of room for trucks of any size to park side-by-side, making it incredibly easy to take items from a vehicle to your unit and vice-versa.

Whether you're looking for storage containers for rent in Pemberton or Whistler, renting a storage container saves time and work by keeping items that aren't often used in a safe and clean place, including bulkier seasonal items like a kayak or snowmobile. With the constant rise in the cost of rent, more and more people are frequently moving or down-sizing.

Insurance & Stored Goods

One thing to keep in mind when renting a storage container (here or anywhere) is that we do not insure items that are stored in our units. As a basic rule, there are several items you should never store in any storage containers because they will not be covered by your insurance policy. These items include money, gas canisters, food, firearms, and others. Always be sure to check with your insurance provider before storing any particularly valuable items, or if you're unsure as to whether or not one or more of your items will be covered.

If you're looking for storage space that's affordable, convenient and as clean as it gets, look no further. Start storing items or equipment for your home or business now. Call Walsh Storage for more information on the storage containers we have available.