Your Source for Pemberton Storage Units

You may have noticed that there are numerous options for Pemberton storage units. In fact, in Pemberton Industrial Park alone, there are other storage companies in addition to Walsh Storage. If you're looking for clean, secure and convenient storage lockers that are available at an affordable price, look no further than Walsh.

There are a few reasons why we are the top choice for Pemberton storage lockers.

1. You Can Access at Any Time

Just like all the services from Walsh Restorations, our Pemberton storage units are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means you can visit when you want — without making an appointment. After all, it’s your stuff, and you should be able to take it whenever you want, just as if it were in your house. Our clients find this valuable when their plans change or when they suddenly realize that they need something in their storage units after business hours.

Our location further enhances our availability. Pemberton Industrial Park is just off Highway 99. This is a new highway, meaning you’ll find the journey comfortable no matter where you’re traveling from in Pemberton or beyond. Plus, the road is always accessible, whatever the weather.

2. We Have New Storage Lockers

Unlike some long-established companies, all our storage units are new. This means we can guarantee that you’ll be the first occupier of the locker.

All our storage units are clean, which is great news if you need somewhere to keep new furniture, important equipment for your business, or irreplaceable items that have sentimental value. We’re the perfect choice for anyone looking to store possessions before moving to a new house or office space. You can rest assured that all the contents in your locker will remain in top condition.

3. We Have a Wide Selection of Storage Units

Our brand new storage lockers are available in the following sizes:

- 8 foot by 5 foot

- 8 foot by 10 foot — this option comes with high, wide rollup doors

- 8 foot by 15 foot

- 8 foot by 20 foot

We also offer special protective storage lockers for valuables.

4. Our Storage Units Are Designed for Personal Items

When we created Walsh Storage, we researched the needs of people looking to store furnishings, personal belongings, and items that no longer fit in their homes due to a lack of space or downsizing. Our facility can even handle large moves, as we have space for trucks of all sizes to park next to the storage units.

5. We Have Packing Supplies Available

If you give us notice, we can provide you with any type of packing supplies, including boxes, tape, and even industrial cling wrap. This will ensure that your items remain in perfect condition as you move them in or out of your locker. We can even give you advice on how to store belongings to prevent damage.

If you value affordable, clean, accessible storage lockers in a size that suits your needs, there is no better option in Pemberton than Walsh Storage.