About Us.

Pemberton storage facilities have some new competition, in the (storage container) shape of Walsh storage in Pemberton industrial park. Pemberton’s newest storage came from the Woody Allen inspiration “90% of success comes from just showing up”. Walsh Storage showed up on Remberence Day 2016 (It is so new it even it still smells new!).

And now for the back story, Walsh Restorations was launched in 2002 after a major renovation of a Whistler resort complex. At the time, Mike Walsh, a fresh faced happy go lucky kind of chap, was providing construction management services to a large construction company. Renovations at the resort included the installation of fire suppression sprinklers in north tower, which was subcontracted out to a sprinkler contractor. 

During the first full pressure test of the sprinkler system, the system failed on the second floor. This resulted in a flood of the hotel restaurant below. During this eight-floor retrofit, the sprinkler system failed four more times. The first two mitigations were contracted out. As project coordinator, Mike Walsh was responsible to ensure the mitigation of the water damage was complete. From watching the technicians and asking questions, Mike realized the simplicity of water mitigation when compared to hotel renovations. The remaining water mitigations were done in house. And so the idea of starting his own business was born.

Walsh Storage is the “mini” child of Walsh Restorations, still run by Mike Walsh (this time not quite so fresh faced, that’s what time will do to you, but still very happy go lucky). Walsh Restoration is now a name that’s been in Sea-to-Skyland some 20 years. A name that’s known to you and your insurance company, known from the red trucks with the white lettering that you see everywhere, 24 hours a day. Continuing the tradition of 24/7 services, Walsh storage offers 24/7 access to your unit, no appointment required. And located just off highway 99 at 1944 Stonecutter place V0N 2L0, road access is also 24/7 even in the depths of winter and the new highway work smooth’s the journey all the way to Pemberton for those Whistler residents who like the lower property and storage prices in this northern suburb and prefer the wider storage selection in Pemberton Industrial Park.

Pemberton Industrial Park is beyond the crossroads that form the entrance to the town. When you arrive at Pemberton Industrial Park you’ll like the reassuring feeling you get from the way Walsh Storage stands on high, dry ground. Incidentally in case you are not familiar with Pemberton Industrial Park it occupies 60 acres. Tenants range from a very sophisticated creator of vodka to heavy duty resource industries and a few trades serving Pemberton and the fringe of Whistler, plus four good storage companies to prevent Walsh Storage from developing monopolistic fantasies, despite Mikes ambitious plans for storage domination.

With brand new containers available in 8’x5’, 8’x10’, 8’x15’ or 8’x20’ with high, wide and handsome roll up doors on the 8’x10’ units Walsh storage has a multitude of sizes to accommodate any storage requirements.

And if you like clean, every container in Walsh Storage is New and that means CLEAN. You’ll be the first occupier - and that’s our guarantee. This is especially important if you’re storing items for a new home, new business, or for an existing business where the items or equipment must be kept in pristine condition.

Truck drivers will appreciate the design of Walsh Storage. And its wide open crescent positioning. Walsh Storage gives drivers ample room to load and unload, and with trucks of any size side by side, we have the space so we might as well use it.

While this is early days but Walsh Storage is already getting enquiries from Whistler residents. With the ever-increasing rent people are down sizing or constantly moving and saving time and effort by putting infrequently used items in storage or simply moving the snowmobile out of the entry hall that you keep tripping over all summer, or that paddle board that is not quite the right length to fit under your bed.

People are very wise to check with whom they store the items they value. In Pemberton they are fortunate, most storage companies are long established. The only exception is Walsh Storage, the young upstart (and not for the first time)! But for the last 19 years it has been working almost exclusively for insurance companies inside hotels and private homes. In any event people who have been in the business much longer than Walsh Storage say the industry’s biggest problem is not “acquiring” customer’s items and personal treasures, it is getting rid of items they leave behind, although we obviously prefer that you didn’t do that.

Among the amusing stories that arose from storage rental in Pemberton Industrial Park was from a couple who wanted to rent their home furnished and go for a camping trip around the world. They estimated, by the time they visited friends in Europe, N.Z. and Australia it would take about the best part of two years. Before they left they removed from their home the items they most treasured and valued to protect them from damage. For these they rented a special protective locker, and went off on their adventure of a lifetime. When they returned 22 months later, they paused outside their special locker with the keys in hand. The husband asked “Just a minute. Let’s just think. What are our special treasures that we so carefully locked in here?” What were all the wonderful thing we so deeply prized 22 months ago?” And the strange thing was neither of them could remember a single item with the steel walls in front of them.

Another case in point; the research for Walsh Storage was all done on people storing furnishing and personal stuff. But the first customer to sign on the dotted line had sailing gear and a snow mobile. And talking about the importance of research when you decide to launch a venture, did you hear the one about Hilary Clinton and Donald What’s his name? or if you prefer did you hear the one about how people to the south of us made a very wise decision just recently with a man who has even more ambitious ideas than Mike Walsh?

At Walsh Storage, we can also offer advice on how